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Reflections on the

10th Annual

Geulah Generation



By Sarah Lotkin

The Geulah Generation Convention 5777 was royal, rejuvenating and joyful. 

Beginning with Friday night service in 770 we were transported into a Geulah Shabbat.

Across the street from 770 we entered our own private room at Mendy's Restaurant. Gathered together with many wonderful ladies from different parts of the globe we enjoyed a relaxing and delicious four course Shabbat dinner. Devorah Leah Blau welcomed everyone and spoke about the theme of our convention, “Welcoming the King.” 


Shabbat day we started the day with a delicious breakfast shiur at Channa Pinson’s home. Miriam Yerushalmi spoke about the importance and power of prayer.  Our Shabbat davening in 770 was uplifted as we contemplating her point that only through prayer are we able to unlock and bring down all the brochas being held on high.

Shabbos lunch at Tzippy Dalfin made us feel like royalty. The elegant china, table settings, flowers and lavish food left no doubt this table was set for the King and Queen. The beautiful stories, thoughts and feelings shared  around the table were stirring and heartwarming.

Then Shalosh Seudah was warmly served at Avigail Halevy's home where we had the honor of hearing Rabbi Groner speak. He spoke about the weekly parsha Emor and explained how all of the yearly Yom Tovim were uniquely contained within this special Shabbat which has a profound influence on the rest of the year. He also gave over some miracle stories of the Rebbe M''HM and answered a few questions.  We did not want him to leave.  We were eager for more.


Saturday night's bonfire and music were astoundingly mystical, captivating and beautiful. 

Although it rained all Shabbos day and night, it did not dampen our spirits. We trusted Hashem was raining down all the blessings of this holy Shabbat.

This year with deep gratitude to Avigail Halevy we had our first Geulah Generation float. It was a daunting task with many obstacles, but with her hard work, vision and resoluteness Avigail saw it through. Building on the theme of Geulah Generation’s recent campaign, the float invited all to become partners with Hashem by signing and accepting the Kingship of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach on the Geulah Generation website (

The Geulah Generation float had the prestigious position of being last!  Was it politics?  I say it was given the exalted position of last to bind unify and elevate all that came before.

You would think the parade was the Finale. Not at all!  We continued onto the Farewell Lunch.  

Festive live music by Mirele Rosenberger greeted us as we entered the hall. We sat at tables decorated with charming pink lace tablecloths and flowers, and enjoyed over-the-top sumptuous, delicious food. 

Gorgeous Tamborines, the Jewish woman’s symbol and expression of joy in the Geulah, were donated by Malka Kipnes for each of us. 

A big yasher Koach to Daniel Botnick for his inspiring and terrific graphics.  The beautiful colorful graphics on the invitations and tambourines created another facet of excitement and simcha. 

Unfortunately our scheduled exceptional speaker, Shulamis Yehudis Gutfreund was not able to make it into town.  We were very disappointed as we miss her presence, grace and chizuk she provides to each of us.   We look forward to seeing her soon!  Basha Botnick was voted in to speak with little time to prepare.  Not a problem when you are so profoundly living with Dvar Malchus.   Basha spoke from the powerful voice of her heart and soul with warmth, tenacity and conviction.

Potent inspiring words followed from Devorah Leah Blau, Avigail Halevy, Chavie Cohen, Ona Schwartz, Malka Kipnes and Sara Fox. Each of them in their unique way deeply touched our hearts and souls. I wonder if anyone recorded them as they spoke with amazing purposefulness, clarity, strength and love.

One of the beautiful thoughts brought out by Avgiail and also elaborated by Basha was it is not enough to want and shout for Moshiach. We need to bring out the spark of Moshiach within all of us. We need to express who we are, and say who Moshiach is, (the Rebbe) - no holds barred. 



There is no more need or room for fear or doubt. No one, no thing, has the power to hurt or stop us (only the limitations we place on ourselves).   We must burst forth, blossom and bloom into our full truth and potential.  We must also help each other to discover the blossoms within each of us.  

Then we will all savor and delight in the wondrous flowers of our Geulah Garden.


No longer able to contain ourselves we jumped up to dance to break through all boundaries with our tamborines in hand with great simcha.  Realizing how blessed, joyful and great our lot is , that we are living in the true and complete Redemption with the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach at our helm.

As one woman told me “I feel like I am in another dimension I don’t want this to end.”

You know, neither do I.  It need not end, we need to's only the beginning G-d Willing of living and being in the Geulah Dimension of living up to our full potential of who we were born to be in peace, love and simcha.

Yasher Koach, tremendous thanks to all the amazing women and men who devoted many hours of their time, energy and resources (in a very short period of time) to make it such a sublime convention for so many of us to enjoy. Many thanks to all those who attended and those who were unable to attend but supported us in spirit and resources. Please forgive me for not detailing everyone’s contribution.  Suffice it to know that You have brought the Rebbe M''HM immense nachas.

May Hashem bless all of you with tremendous nachas from yourselves and loved ones.  May Hashem fill your lives with boundless brochas…

We prayed for good weather Sunday, but inwardly knew that Hashem would not rain on the Rebbe's beautiful Lag B'omer Parade Sunday morning.

Naturally (supernaturally) when the parade got started at 10:00 AM, the skies were blue and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

It was a humbling experience to see hundreds and hundreds of dignified children, students and parents participating with such joy and pride. 


We were witnessing the Royal Army of the King in all its glory. 

We saw marching bands, numerous floats made with great effort representing our proud Jewish and Chassidic history.  We saw numerous Moshiach flags and words proclaiming the Rebbe King Moshiach. A plane circled overhead with a banner saying, “We salute the Rebbe King Moshiach.”

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