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The First Moshiach

The essential attribute of a Jewish king is not his might or wisdom but rather perfect and complete humility to G-d.King David epitomized this humility. That is why in the Torah, G-d refers to him as “David, my servant.” His entire life was one of complete submission to G-d. Only those who have within them this humbleness to Divine Will, passed down in the bloodline of David, can be an heir to the eternal Jewish dynasty.


The purpose of this quality in the kings of the House of David is not merely to serve as an example but rather to bind the Jewish nation to G-d. This is the spiritual structure of faith and connection through a king that G-d has set for our nation.


Just as the head of the human body connects and directs all our limbs, so too our spiritual head, the king of the Jewish people, directs our spiritual purpose. Through the bond with our king, we experience the deepest connection to G-d. According to Torah law (Rambam, Laws of Kings, Chapter 11), King David was the first Moshiach. He defeated Israel’s enemies, united all the Jews, and prepared thematerials for the end-goal of his reign, the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The final King Moshiach, a descendent of David, will complete David’s mission, bringing the Jewish people and all the nations to serve G-d with humility.

A Jewish King Cannot Declare Himself King.

There is no king without a nation. The king must be accepted by the people. His coronation is complete only when the Jewish people express

their willingness to accept him.

In Jewish history, it took seven years for David to be accepted as king. His general, Avner ben Ner, travelled throughout the land of Israel to persuade the people to acknowledge David as their ruler. The people crowned David by saying, “Yechi haMelech – Long live the King!”

Women Accept the Kingship of the Rebbe.

Women Accept the Kingship of the Rebbe.

Lubavitcher women took their cue and collected signatures of women accepting the kingship of the Rebbe. On 4 Iyar, 5751 (April 11, 1991) the women presented 250 signatures accepting the Rebbe as King Moshiach. The Rebbe blessedthem saying, “…May this activity continue and increase.”


The women responded by gathering thousands more signatures which they presentedto the Rebbe during Tishrei, 1991

“The appointment of King Moshiach has already taken place, as it is written, ‘I have found David my servant,  I have anointed him with my holy oil.’ (Psalm 89:21) All that is now required is that the people accept his kingship and that the attachment between the king and the nation be revealed inall its perfection.” – The Rebbe, talk of Parshas Mishpotim, 1991

The Ultimate Moshiach

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, a descendent of King David through his son Solomon, exemplifies David’s humility, not just in his service to G-d and mastery of the Torah, but also in fighting the wars of G-d, the spiritual war against the mighty waves of assimilation. His leadership has transformed the Jewish world. His emissaries span the globe, causing a great renaissance in observant Judaism. This is the role of the ultimate Moshiach, to connect us and transform us through his own perfect unity with G-d. The Rebbe shows us that we, too, have this bond with G-d. Each of us has a spark of Moshiach within us that drives our commitment to Torah and mitzvahs. Bonding with our king paves the way to our personal redemption and to the redemption of the world.

The Rebbe’s campaigns, his emissaries, and his miracles for Jew and gentile alike have affected a spiritual revolution. The Rebbe told us that an essential component of global redemption is when every Jew reveals his own deep connection with G-d.

Women Continue to Gather Signatures

As the revelations of the era of Redemption continue to unfold, the campaign to accept the kingship of the Rebbe goes on. It is particularly fitting

for women to be at the forefront of this campaign as their faith in Moshiach is deep and abiding.

The righteous women are (also and essentially) imbued with the feeling of joy; a joy so great that it is expressed in song , because of the greatness of the trust that “Behold he (the King Moshiach) is coming, and he has already come!” –The Rebbe MhM, Shabbos Parshas Bo, 6 Shevat, and Shabbos Parshas Beshallach, Shabbos Shirah, 13 Shevat, 5752 (January 6, 1992)

Acceptance is through signing the Kabbolas HaMalchus declaration (Acceptance of the King), either in person or on this website, Through this acceptance, we strengthen the Rebbe in his mission to redeem the world, and we also strengthen our faith in him and in the process of Redemption now taking place.

Your participation in this campaign will bring blessings to you, your loved ones, to the Jewish people and to all humanity.

The final seal of our acceptance is to verbally proclaim, “Yechi Adonenu Morenu V’Rabbenu HaMelech HaMoshiach L’olom Voed.” Long live our Master, our Teacher, our Rebbe King Moshiach forever and ever."

Please join us! Take action!

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