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14th Annual Geulah Generation Lag B’omer Convention: The Best Yet


This year’s Geulah Generation Convention was indeed a royal treat.


It began with a tour of the new multi-million-dollar mikvah in Crown Heights, led by noted author and counselor Miriam Yerushalmi, author of an inspiring book on mikvah, “Heavenly Waters.” 

Prior to the tour, Devorah Leah Hirsch hosted our welcome reception in her gracious home with hot hors d'oeuvres, gift packages and live music from pianist Frieda Schwimmer.


Friday night’s dinner was an intimate farbrengen of “sharing and caring,” with Devorah Leah Blau, Chaika Goldstein, Miriam Goodman, Chaya Mushka Matusof and others. The restaurant, Mendy’s, went all out in setting a long, elegant table with immense glass cylinders filled with bone white branches.


The party room at Prime Avenue was the setting for Shabbos lunch. Large murals on the wall featured scenes of famous sites in Israel such as Sefat, Maras HaMachpela, and Jerusalem. Shulamis Yehudis Gutfreund delivered an arousing address on the responsibility of Jewish women and girls to publicize the identity of the Rebbe, the Melech HaMoshiach, and the Rebbe’s prophecy of Geulah. Rabbi Shmuel Samuels spoke at length about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Lag B’omer, and also the 15th of Iyar when the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach stood for hours after Maariv placing the first “Dvar Malchus,” words of the king, into the hands of Chassidim, including babies.


For Shalosh Seudas, the home of our gracious hostess, Devorah New, perfectly embodied the “royal treat” theme. Beautifully decorated in rich colors, it was the perfect backdrop for the magnificent fresh fruit display ordered by Devorah Leah Blau. Mrs. Chaya Mushka Silberberg spoke on how to bring our midos, our personal attributes, in line with what the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach expects us of. She got her point across with much humor and self-deprecating examples that made everyone feel comfortable and eager to hear more.

At the gracious home of Chana Alperowicz after Shabbos. Rabbi Daniel Green regaled a large crowd for Melave Malka. He told fascinating stories about Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the great sages connected to Lag B’omer. After he left, ladies stayed and farbrenged until almost 3 in the morning.

On  Sunday morning, Devorah Leah Blau, our Dvar Malchus teacher, taught our scheduled class in the women’s section of 770. It ended in a discussion of the legal verification of the Rebbe as “Moshiach Vadai,” the Definite Moshiach, according to the Laws of Moshiach laid down by the Rambam.

A new kuntres (booklet), Moshiach Vadai, (The Definite Moshiach)written by Avigail Halevy, was part of every gift package for Convention go-er's. The generous, artistic Tsippy Dalfin, prepared and filled the packages with treats and the Convention Journal, beautifully produced by Chavie Cohen,

Sunday’s luncheon, organized by Malka Kipnes, was also at Prime Avenue. Malka's special touch included lovely flowers in vases that she brought from Long Island, that ran the whole the length of the table. Avigail Halevy spoke on the very personal connection of a chossid to the Rebbe.  Miriam Yerushalmi’s topic was reaching new heights through tapping your inner potential. Chana Keretny focused on releasing the “I” in order to connect with the spiritual. Ladies stayed long after the speakers to connect and discuss. There was excitement about our mission and our special responsibilities at this time…. a time of awakening, a time of yearning and longing to fulfill the will of our leader and spread Redemption to the world.

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