The time of your Redemption has arrived!–  Prophecy of the Rebbe MhM, 1991

Welcome to Geulah Generation, a forward-thinking, forward-moving  organization of Jewish women all over the world, united in our belief and trust in the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach.


The Rebbe has asked that every Jew be a partner with Hashem in bringing the Redemption. 


Therefore we dedicate ourselves to the obligations placed on us by Almighty God, the Master of the Universe…to learn Torah (His wisdom) and to do the commandments (His will). Further we pledge ourselves to follow the directives of His chosen Redeemer, the Rebbe, the King Moshiach.


The engine that drives us is learning the talks of the Rebbe from 1991-1992, known as Dvar Malchus (“the word of Royalty”). These talks explain the era of Redemption, its stages, its laws, the role of the Jewish people and the role of the nations of the world. These talks help us internalize this new reality and reveal it to others. It is important that the whole world be on board! And especially all the Jewish people, …”no Jew will be left behind.”



The Battle of the Billboards


The Rebbe billboard reminded me that there is still holiness in the world, and it outweighs the darkness.


Every day, when I pick up my daughters from daycare in my Pico-Robertson neighborhood, I pass by a disgusting billboard that sits right on top of a yeshiva. On the billboard, a scantily dressed woman is posing in a very suggestive position. She has scary makeup on and piercings all over her body. The billboard is advertising the television show “American Horror Story,” and she is obviously some kind of sensuous murderer.

“Mommy, look!” my 3-year-old daughter said to me one day after noticing the billboard. “Scary lady.”

I was hoping my daughter wouldn’t see it, but she did. I responded, “Yes, she is very scary. Don’t look.”

I thought, this is Los Angeles, where many of the billboards feature immodestly dressed people or ads for drugs or casinos or other things that children shouldn’t see. I expect that. READ MORE... CLICK HERE.

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