A Father’s Basi L’Gani

A few days before Yud Shevat I was moving a cupboard that had been my grandmother’s. I had finally decided to throw it away as I could never get the drawers to open, rendering the piece relatively ‘useless.’ As I struggled to move it by myself, it somehow tipped over somewhat and, Voila! The drawers opened! Little did I know that a great gift awaited me inside one of the drawers. The gift was a letter from my late father, Moshe Kanofsky, of blessed memory. We were approaching his first yartzeit on Tu’Bishvat. To my mind, Tu’Bishvat is the logical conclusion of the Maaamer Basi L’Gani because what do we do in Hashem’s garden in which our love with Hashem is openly revealed? We eat fru

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In loving memory of Moshe Gershon Ben Yosef, Shoshana bat Leon, Hana bat Esther, Yael Sultana bat Shlomo Yiyeh.