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Dvar Malchus on Gimmel Tammuz and Parshas Korach – 5751

In parshas Korach, the Rebbe explains that Gimmel Tammuz was the beginning of the redemption. While this alludes to the redemption of Yud Beis/Yud Gimmel Tammuz which is the release of the Frierdiker Rebbe from prison, the Rebbe connects this redemption to the final redemption.

How is Gimmel Tammuz the beginning of the final redemption?

The Rebbe explains that the redemption happens in stages. This is mirrored by the series of events connected to the Frierdiker Rebbe’s imprisonment on the 15th of Sivan, leading up to the miraculous commuting of his death sentence on Gimmel Tammuz, and finally, to his ultimate release from prison. This miraculous release, however, was not a complete redemption because the Frierdiker Rebbe had to leave Russia. He went to Riga and Poland and, eventually, to America (the lower hemisphere), where he spent the last ten years of his life.

The Frierdiker Rebbe emphasizes that he was not ‘forced’ to leave Russia but rather was following a preordained order prescribed by Divine Providence.

The Rebbe deepens his discussion of Gimmel Tammuz by explaining that it was also the day on which Yehoshua caused the sun to stand still in the battle with the Gibeonites. He commanded it to cease its praise of Hashem and this caused the gentile nations to lose their power. The Rebbe stresses that although the stopping of the sun was a miraculous event that transcended nature, because it occurred through the consent of nature, it also influenced the natural order. The same was true of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s release from prison, in which his enemies ended up assisting his release from prison.

The most recent event of Gimmel Tammuz can therefore take on the same status as the ‘beginning of the redemption,’ because the life of the Rebbe only became more manifest on Gimmel Tammuz. When we ‘open our eyes’, we can see that the world is now ready for Moshiach and the nonJews have become our ‘helpers’ in the process of the Geula. Just as the Frierdiker Rebbe saw that Divine Providence brought him to the ‘lowest hemisphere,’ for the Divine purpose of the redemption, so too Divine Providence caused a miraculous new beginning on Gimmel Tammuz in the revelation of Moshiach Tzidkenu, the Rebbe Shlita.

Dvar Malchus – Sicha of Koach Sivan – 5751


On the day of Koach Sivan the Rebbe and Rebbetzin arrived safely on the shores of America. Koach (28) has the same gematria as ‘Yechi’ – giving life to the king and accepting his kingship. Linked with this is the revelation of the kingship of every Jew.

The arrival of the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin in the ‘lowest hemisphere’ meaning America, relates to the revelation of G-dliness on the level of “chutza” (outside), in a place which did not receive a direct revelation of Mattan Torah. This ushers in an entirely new shlichus unique to our generation – to accept, receive and greet the true and complete redemption with Moshiach at it’s head. Furthermore, the Rebbe states that “koach” Sivan gives every Jew additional strength in the fulfillment of this mission in actuality.

“Chutza” – outside – does not just mean outside but rather, anything that conceals G-dliness. The Rebbe explains that chutza exists on three levels simultaneously, - within the person, within his/her portion in the world, and within the world itself. The service of struggling with the concealment of “chutza”, as expressed by the descent into the lowest of lowest places (America!), enables the revExcerptelation of the essence of Hashem. “Ain Od Milvado” – there is nothing beside Him. This is made possible through the power of the Torah, specifically the power of Chassidus, “the teachings of Moshiach.”

Thus, when these teachings are spread to the outside, the full revelation of Moshiach occurs. Since this service reveals the essence of Hashem, it is permanent and unchanging.

This ‘spreading the wellsprings to the outside’ accomplished by the Frierdiker Rebbe’s descent to America and his life and service during the last ten years of his life, brought about the true redemption as it began on the 28th of Sivan with the arrival of Moshiach on the shores of America.

In memory of Menachem Meir Hacohen ben Chaim Moshe Yehuda Hacohen

Sponsored by Hillel and Malka Kipnes in honor of their loving children and grandchildren

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