No More Subjugation to the Nations

No more subjugation to the nations...a clear sign of the first phase of the actual Redemption... Despite the strength of Yehuda in his time, and Mordechai in his time and the Tzaddikim (righteous ones) and Jews from all the generations, there were in all the generations constraints (suffering) from the outside, from the nations of the world and their decrees on the Jews – Rachmana litslan (G-d have mercy on us), it won’t happen again, that they didn’t always allow them (the Jews) to conduct themselves with their whole strength and Balabatishkeit (mastery over their domain). Which is not so in our generation and in our time. We see actually that the bilbulim (confusion) of the past does not

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In loving memory of Moshe Gershon Ben Yosef, Shoshana bat Leon, Hana bat Esther, Yael Sultana bat Shlomo Yiyeh.