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No More Subjugation to the Nations

No more subjugation to the nations...a clear sign of the first phase of the actual Redemption...

Despite the strength of Yehuda in his time, and Mordechai in his time and the Tzaddikim (righteous ones) and Jews from all the generations, there were in all the generations constraints (suffering) from the outside, from the nations of the world and their decrees on the Jews – Rachmana litslan (G-d have mercy on us), it won’t happen again, that they didn’t always allow them (the Jews) to conduct themselves with their whole strength and Balabatishkeit (mastery over their domain).

Which is not so in our generation and in our time. We see actually that the bilbulim (confusion) of the past does not exist, and the nations of the world let the Jews conduct themselves according to their will, and therefore it doesn’t depend on anything except the will of the Jews… that it should be that they should hold onto it (the world) and multiply and become extremely fruitful, as is actually the conduct in many places, with full strength and braitkkeit (broadness).

So it is in this country (USA), a kingdom of kindness that allows Jews to conduct themselves according to their decision and their will, and so, too, in many countries of the world…and in these last years we see that countries that previously had limitations etc., these limitations were nullified as we mentioned many times.

Moreover, not only are the Jews free to conduct themselves according to their will, but even more so, the government of the nations of the world help them in this (in what the Jews want to do…).

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