Adapted from the Rebbe’s talk, on Shabbat Parshat Shoftim, 5751/1991 Miracles, foretelling the future, and an uncanny understanding of every individual and situation were always associated with the Rebbe, but the week of the Torah portion Shoftim, 5751/1991, saw the Rebbe’s open acknowledgment that he is a prophet and that as a messenger of G-d, he is delivering the unprecedented news, “Behold, Moshiach is coming.” His words are all the more remarkable since in all the years of his leadership, he did not even refer to himself as the Rebbe, speaking of his father-in-law, the Previous Rebbe, as leading the generation. Nor was it the Rebbe’s way to acknowledge as such the many miracles or proph

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In loving memory of Moshe Gershon Ben Yosef, Shoshana bat Leon, Hana bat Esther, Yael Sultana bat Shlomo Yiyeh.